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Publication date: 09 Jan 2020

Can you keep up with the changes in UK and International financial reporting? Use PwC's Inform to access the latest news, PwC guidance, webcasts, comprehensive research materials and full text of the standards. Reduce your research time by looking at all UK GAAP and IFRS in one place.

Inform now has enhanced content, search, navigation and display. Our topic summaries help you find key information on each of the major accounting topic areas. 'Versioned' full texts of international accounting standards make it easier to see what guidance applies to your year end with footnotes that include the amended text and the effective date.

Companies can purchase annual subscriptions to Inform and all named users can access on a concurrent user basis. There is no upper limit to the number of licences a company can purchase. For detailed pricing information, download the adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 pricing schedule.

Your subscription gives you access to the same information that was available during your free trial.

Content available on includes:

Accounting and corporate reporting

  • ‘In brief’ – guidance issued within 48 hours of the release of a draft or final IASB standard/interpretation.
  • ‘In depth’ – guidance taking a deeper look into a draft or final IASB standard/interpretation.
  • Technical updates – news items added daily on accounting, auditing and regulatory developments.
  • Latest developments – includes financial reporting diary, summary of recent EDs, DPs, standards and their EU endorsement status.
  • IFRS newsletters.
  • Full text of standards and interpretations, exposure drafts and discussion papers – including a unique set of ‘versioned’ IASB standards and interpretations showing all consequential amendments made by other standards and improvements.
  • Topic home pages – executive guide to accounting issues by topic.
  • IFRS Manual of accounting – PwC’s in-depth accounting guidance.
  • Questions and answers – by topic and by industry.
  • Tools, practice aids and publications – ‘Similarities and differences’ series of GAAP comparisons, IFRS disclosure checklists, illustrative financial statements, pocket guides, ‘Practical guides to IFRS’.

Law and regulations – applicable companies legislation on accounting, auditing and other areas.

Auditing – auditing standards, exposure drafts, discussion papers and other guidance.

If you require further information please contact us on +44 (0)20 7213 4030 or via email:

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